Acquisition Criteria

Broadview Assets Acquisition Criteria

Broadview Assets sets high standards for itself, and is always looking for new opportunities to diversify its real estate holdings. As a result our acquisition criteria need to be well laid out so that we can identify and quantify the value and potential of a piece of real estate. We are looking to aggressively acquire high-quality real estate in the New York Metro area.

Our acquisition criteria include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Real estate anywhere within the NY-NJ-CT-PA area. 
  • Any kind of retail, office, industrial and/or residential property
  • Income-producing properties with value-adding opportunities.
  • Distressed properties
  • Notes backed by real estate
  • Real estate in regions with high foot and vehicular traffic. Areas and hubs that encounter high average rates of traffic.
  • Real estate in locations that are densely populated.
  • Property in areas that have good access to public transportation. Real estate that is in close proximity to Metro and Bus stations.

We are deeply interested in any real estate, matching the above criteria. When submitting a property for sale, please include the following documents and details:

  • The purchase price of the property
  • Current and historical rent roll reports. A comprehensive rent roll report will typically include a list of tenants, respective lease rents, unit number of the property, and lease expiration dates of each tenant.
  • Net Operating Income report, detailing all expenses of the property.
  • Tenant Sales Volumes, if applicable
  • Full and detailed disclosure of any environmental issues.
  • A range of photographs of the property.
  • Survey
  • Detailed information on area demographics

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